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Penny Chenery’s last racehorse to be star attraction at festival, eventual resident at The Meadow Event Park
Penny Chenery’s last racehorse to be star attraction at festival, eventual resident at The Meadow Event Park.
Farmers back bill that clarifies landowner rights in eminent domain cases
The state’s largest farmers’ advocacy organization is backing a bill introduced by Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, that spells out landowner rights when property is damaged in activities related to eminent domain.
Bill would create tax credit for farmers who donate to food banks
Farmers are watching a bill in the Virginia General Assembly that stands to benefit not only them but also Virginians statewide who are in need of food.
Farm-planning workshops help beginning farmers secure loans
Free planning workshops are being offered to those interested in starting a farm.
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‘The Real Dirt’

What key points helped Loudoun County farmer Chris Van Vlack win the 2016 Discussion Meet at the annual American Farm Bureau Federation convention? Watch Real Dirt to find out.

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