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High school students apply ag coursework to cattle operation
Vocational agriculture classes are growing in popularity in many public school systems. Some Virginia high school ag programs have a greenhouse or give students the opportunity to raise small farm animals like goats.
2014 was another banner year for state’s aquaculture industry
Findings of the 2014 Virginia Shellfish Aquaculture Crop Reporting Survey showed another banner year for shellfish aquaculture, with farmers selling $55.9 million in oysters and clams last year.

Surplus fruits, vegetables can become value-added foods
Homegrown Virginia wants area farmers’ ugly fruits and vegetables. 
American Farm Bureau supports demise of federal estate tax
The nation’s largest agricultural organization is hoping the federal estate tax will draw its last breath this year.
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‘The Real Dirt’

Why do Virginia Farm Bureau members oppose changes to the state’s elk hunting regulations?

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