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‘Farm use’ plate law change not intended to exclude light trucks

RICHMOND—As of July 1, unlicensed farm vehicles with "farm use" tags in Virginia are limited to "pickup trucks, panel trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vehicles having a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 7,500 pounds, and trailers and semitrailers."

The change in state law excludes passenger vehicles such as cars, said Del. Ed Scott, R-Culpeper. Scott sponsored the legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly to address abuse of farm use plates by people who do not operate a farm.

What the bill was not intended to do, Scott said, is exclude pickup trucks and vans weighing less than 7,500.

"The (weight) qualifier applies only to the word ‘vehicle’" and not to pickup and panel trucks and SUVs, Scott said. "This was a topic of some discussion in the committee deliberations, and I recognize there has been some confusion since."

Capt. Joe Walters, one of the Virginia State Police’s legislative liaisons, said state troopers were briefed in May about upcoming changes to state law. In the case of the farm use plate law change, he said, they also received a follow-up bulletin in August.

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